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Any Difference Between "Pure' And 'White' Lies? How Do They Impact Your Relationship? By Florence Olugbodi

There was a day I was doing a group assignment with a male friend, two of us being the group leaders were together.

So his phone rang and he picked up the call. Guess  was what? I was perplexed to hear him giving out another location entirely from where we are to the person on the phone. I open my mouth in awe when he said he was on his bed in his room.

Immediately he dropped the call, I confronted him and ask for the reason he lied about his whereabout.

He told me the call was from his girlfriend and he had to tell her that white lies so as to avoid unnecessary explanations.

Then, I ask him what if she later get to know the truth, how do you want her to feel? He sobered. That day before he left my place, I was able to change his orientation about white lies in relationship and he vow to always say the truth..

Now to you sir/Ma  if you like call it  Half-truth, Fable, Fabrication, Prevarication or  Inexactitude.

You can even name it Disinformation Fiction or Truth evasion, any name you gave it  Lie remain lie —but is it ever okay in a relationship?

There is this popular saying that “little white lies don’t hurt anybody” or its ever-popular variant, “What people don’t know can’t hurt them,”
You see  when it comes to matters of the heart, nothing could be more untrue.

Fiction or white lie over fact and truth  can shortchange the bond you share with the one you love.

Have you ever wondered what will happen when the other person knows you've been lieing to them or you actually lied to them on a particular issue?

In  the world of romance, Research shows that there are two types of lies: those that are told to avoid the emergence of uncomfortable emotions like that of my friend , and those wielded to manipulate others to get ahead or get away with something.

In either case, the motivation to lie comes from a very self-centered place—a liar lies for himself or herself, The fact is Saying you lie to save the relationship is for your own benefit not for the growth of that relationship...

Why not say the truth and let him or her get angry? The secret is  No one will tell them to calm down before they do and they will be back to apologise for not trusting you

In a healthy relationship, a partner should serve the role of a trusted sounding board and confidante who knows his or her partner on very intimate levels that are not shared with even the best of friends. You should be able to tell him or her everything about anything, this will build up the trust you have in each other..

Note this: Sometimes the truth may not always be pretty and may not always be painless to bring out into the light, but honesty is the cornerstone of a  relationships. It will  facilitates the best communication possible between two partners in both good times and bad that will help them sail through the different stages and unexpected changes in their lives.

Dishonesty, on the other hand, serves as a weapon of separation in relationships.

 What liars do not realize is that dishonest behavior do not only injects distance in their relationships, but it also puts distance between who they really are and who they are pretending to be.

For how long will you continue lying to uphold the relationship, A relationship can never stand the chance of time with lies because before you realize it even the smallest of lies can generalize into larger ones, and you won't be able to control it again

Everyone desire and want  a honest partner don't be of the notion they won't understand, Come out straight and say the truth

I want you  to know that  the temporary comfortable atmosphere created by lies can  be  desirable in the moment, but for the sake of the kind of solid long-term comfort that comes with one partner knowing that the other is always up front and honest with them, you should opt for the  fact, the whole truth, and nothing but love and respect..

There is nothing like white lie so stop killing your relationship with lies... Liar liar is it ok??

PS -what your stand on I have to lie to save our relationship?? Do you believe lying can save a relationship..

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