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How To Build A Healthy Relationship Through 'Communication' - By Florence Olugbodi

Communication in a relationship is beyond the National Anthem

When you just met your charming Prince and your African Queen, the
feelings and emotions are always so great no doubt.

I know all your thought right now is how you wont loose this one again, you obviously do not want the present relationship to be like the previous ones. 

Differences set in when there is  communication gap in your relationship.

The popular adage says the end justify the means, but on the contrary in relationship. The begining of a relationship does not determine the destination. Meanwhile, the onus is now on you to determine how last you want your relationship to be.

Prayer is not everything in as much as I will tell you to put God first in your relationship, I will also tell you prayer alone cannot build a healthy and lasting relationship.

Some people are so boring that all they talk about in their relationships Is" how are you, have you eaten, How was work"..

Who does that? Absence of frequent communication ruins relationship. The one who doesn't talk to his partner had better live alone, because building a healthy and romantic relationship requires a lot of efforts, which 'communication' is the Hallmark.

Comunication in a healthy relationship is beyond the everyday national anthem of "have you eaten"

A solid communicatIon  brings lovers together and makes it easy for them to build chemistry and love.

 The more you bring up relevant topics to talk about the more you are building up the level of your intimacy.

And the type of conversations you have with your partner plays a significant and a strong role in determining how happy, fun and strong your relationship will be.

There are different relevant topics you can bring up with your partner that will increase the level of your communication. 

No matter how difficult some issues or situations may seem sometimes, discussing them will help ease a lot of tension and it will also leave  room for your relationship to grow.

This will make you find out that you both understand each other better.

Don't be a boring partner, spice up your conversation with different topics, communication is beyond the everyday national anthem.

PS: I will share with you some topics you can use to spice up your relationship from my next post on building healthy relationship same day next week......

To a love filled and healthy relationship
Abidemi Olugbodi Florence

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