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How 'Over Familiarity' Destroys A Happy Relationship - By Florence Olugbodi

Why fall out of love when you can stay in love???

I watched a comedy skit recently, two lovers was trying to look for network so as to reach each other.  The love is still fresh and you understand what that means they are all over each other..

Funny enough, the lady has climbed up The fridge in her room and The guy was seen climbing up a tree.. Oh my! I couldn't hold my laughter, all because they want to talk to each other..

You see what love can turn someone into, indeed love conquers all. I hope you won't deny the fact that you've  also been in this type of situation before.

Do You remember when you just met that person and you all over each other, when out of card you will even take your parent phone to put a call through to him or her?During this period, a day won't pass by without you longing to hear from each other.

When the love is still fire

Wait fess let me ask you this question, That person you wake up each midnight to talk to then, tell me how is your relationship now??

It looks funny but it is not actually funny...

Have you ever wondered why you say to him or her; baby I can't do without you? Isn't love in play?

This has been a question on my mind lately...

Why is it so easy to fall out of love even after putting much effort to fall in love???..

Definitely there is a  reason behind this......

And the major reason behind this is 'Over familiarity'.

Let me tell you this... Love is like a flower that needed to be watered  everyday......

If you want your love to continue to blossom, it takes the work of wetting it and feeding it.. 

when you nourish it, it grows deeper and fresher...

You don't just say your partner loves you and they are going no where without doing the neccesary things.....

I once ask a male friend this question....

Why is it that the moment you guys saw that the lady is now into youo, when you saw that you have won her heart, why do men stop  doing that thing you do to win her love in the first place?

He replied, "we do all those things for her to fall in love and accept to be in a relationship with us and after that I don't think it is neccesary again".

Then I see the reason people fall out of love in his answer.

'Over familiarity' in play, when you think you don't need to win her love over any more because you already know she loves you.

Those early messages you send to her don't matter anymore when actually that was part of what orchestrate her love for you.

You keep assuming  she will understand when you don't make her understand...Over familiarity from both side,  giving less attention to those things that matters  destroy the relationship and make  both fall out of love.

PS:Why fall out of love when you can actually stay in love??
Be on the look out for valuable  tips that will help you stay in love with your partner from my next post this same day next week....

PSS:What other reasons did you think can led to partners falling out of love.. Kindly share with us in the comment box... Let's learn from you..

To a love filled Relationship 


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