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An Open Letter To The Broken Hearted - By Florence Olugbodi (Must Read By All))

I am  writing this  with a lot of love for those  who are nursing a broken heart.

The fact is unless you got married to that your first lover (I know a few people who fall into this category, and part of me is envious of you), if not, then  you probably have gone through one of the following situations:

♡ You went through a terrible breakup that has left you bleary eyed, shaken, and afraid you lost your soul mate and you might not get someone like them again

♡ You have been cheated on or cheated on someone and you're feeling upset and confused.

♡ You broke up a while ago like not quite long  but you have just seen That Facebook update that your ex is getting married, had a baby, or is posting a million pictures with his new person and you can't help but think "maybe I shouldn't have let them go" or "I'll never find love like that again" or "I'm not as good as her."

♡ You're in a relationship now that just isn't working and you don't know what to do, You always give your all, You love this person but there are a ton of red flags and you're lonely and lost.

♡You thought you've completely moved on but you had a dream about that ex and wonder why you still have feelings for them and can't keep their thought away from your head...

All these and many more scenario you've experienced that left you shattered.

Let me bust your brain, do you even know having your heart broken is a good thing?

Yes it is, because most of our fragile hearts have holes in them. There are wounds, some of which have healed entirely, some that have scabbed over, and some of which are still open.

But because it has been shattered into a million little pieces, the light can shine through.

I want you to know you are not broken but You have been cracked wide open. Wide enough to feel deep and hard. I know that it hurts. Have been there before but from that hurt you can begin to create a profound connection with yourself and others that wasn't possible before.

Having your heart broken means being human. It means that you have a good, loving, and caring heart..

The biggest being is that any feelings, thought, or emotion you're going through - someone else has gone through the same, and this is what connects us all.

Why looking down on yourself as if you are not good enough...?

You are beautiful the way you are, you are handsomely and wonderfully created in God's likely image..

You are the best of your kind, you worth more than gold that person doesn't just realize it.

Why waste all days shedding tears when you can actually make the best out of yourself?

I want You to know you  deserve the best of all and it doesn't works out because it is not meant to  and you are yet to get to your destination.

The future is brighter, the road is now clearer, take this hug from me  wipe off your tears and show the world you are stronger than your fears.

PS:I will be sharing with you soon some tips things you can do to overcome heart break and those things you can do while waiting for the right person, with deep love from me I reach out to you with this open letter....

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